Job Tip# 1
Make your resume easier to read
Resume gets scan quickly by busy recruitment personnel. If your resume is so crowded, poorly organized or no substance at all, it might get an easy throw to the waste basket.

Job Tip# 2
Replace your objective with Career Summary
Instead of very familiar or stereotype “Objective”, an impressive and catchy “Career Summary” that is unique to very applicant can definitely worth a glance or two by resume screener.

Job Tip# 3
Emphasize more on your achievements
Use dynamic action words in highlighting your accomplishments in a bulleted form. This will give the screener ideas of what you are made of and what you can offer to them.

Job Tip# 4
Make sure you know what you put in your resume
Your goal is not only to get interview but to be admitted eventually. If you put everything you just heard or read as one of your skills, it might be known during interview and will create negative impression. Remember, resume is like a sworn statement. Lie is definitely a big “no”.

Job Tip# 5
Lastly, do not forget to sign your resume.
Unsigned resume gives an impression of unpreparedness and an easy go lucky employee once hired.

Featured Job Quote
"No one ever gets very far unless he accomplishes the impossible at least once a day." -- Elbert Hubbard